Label me as a user and abuser of all things natural, pure, organic and eco friendly. From the products that I use on myself to the products that I will be using on my little bebe (I will be doing a separate blog post about all of the baby products that I am using).

In my bedroom I have my very own little (as I like to call it) karma corner, a small table filled with a selection of crystals including a large amethyst geode that my Gran got us for our wedding present, a diffuser, my buddah buddy and a few other bits and bobs. Throughout my pregnancy, most nights I have my Ultrasonic Humidifier Diffuser going to assist with falling asleep. I use a relaxing essential oil blend and a meditational blend which I prefer to mix the two together, these blends are perfect for calming the body and the mind.

Our home got broken into 3 months ago when I was asleep and home alone. I had huge issues with the feel of our home after this event took place and I've had a bit of trouble sleeping since then. It was unneeded added stress let alone happening whilst pregnant so my karma corner was great during this time. The past few weeks I have been suffering from typical pregnancy insomnia which a lot of women tend to struggle with especially when you're nearing the eject phase of pregnancy.

My karma corner

My karma corner

The Aromatherapy Co. is one of my favourite therapy ranges! Their products are made with 100% pure and natural essential oils and botanical extracts which are highly beneficial and healing for your mind, body and soul. Not only are their products free from nasty chemicals, but they are free from parabens, fragrance, sodium laurel sulphates and mineral oils too.

I came across a new product that they have released into their natural and essential therapy range called the 'Pulse Point'. Now the idea behind the pulse point concept is to place the essential oil blend on specific parts of your body (pulse points such as behind the ears, your temples, inside of your wrists, elbows and the back of your knees), to establish a harmony through your bones, organs, muscles, the glands and the emotions to improve the whole body and mind.

I purchased the 'Sleep' Pulse Point which has a blend of lavender and chamomile with a sweet base of almond. Chamomile soothes a busy mind and helps combat insomnia whilst the calming oil of lavender can induce a restful sleep and rest assured (excuse the pun)! So I used this product two nights ago and it worked for me because that night I did have a decent nights sleep, whether it was a mental thing or not... it worked for me! BUT sadly to my discovery... last night when I went to use the pulse point again (clearly I must have had a bit of baby brain the previous night) it clearly states on the back of the bottle 'do not use during pregnancy'! Gahhh, so I'll have to wait till the bebe has arrived to get into the full force of the pulse point concept.

If you are suffering from insomnia or having trouble falling asleep and you're into essential oils and natural therapies The Aromatherapy Co. is a range you should look into.

Another one of my favourite natural therapy ranges is the IKOU range especially for their natural wax candles, truth be told; once you try an IKOU candle you will find it hard to use anything else. The DE-STRESS is my choice of scent with essential oil benefits of Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Clementine & Patchouli.

I am a visual person when it comes to my environment, by that what I mean is; if my environment and my space isn't comforting or vibing for me then I just don't feel at ease at all... I generally just feel anxious as farrrrk. I am like this with anything, for example... I personally hate gyms, I find them intimidating and confronting. I need to train somewhere that I love the look and the feel of (positive feng shui) for me to give it 100%.

I recommend that you create a unique space for yourself within your home, one that allows you to be able to relax, unwind and be at peace. Give it a try you will be amazed at what a difference it will make to your surroundings.

To view more of the IKOU candles go to

Another natural and easy remedy that I have been doing is using a pregnancy support flower essence. Now if you are familiar with Rescue Remedy then you will know what I am talking about.

Now how flower essences work is by enhancing the positive aspects of the qualities of mind, emotion and personality. By flooding a person with positive qualities the negative aspects or lack of positive are dissolved, and health is restored.

I put 7 drops of my pregnancy support flower essence under my tongue when I wake in the morning and again 7 drops under my tongue before bed. This is to assist in maintaining a peaceful, calm, balanced pregnancy and whether it's a mental belief and stimulant, it works for me!

Ever since my parents introduced me to the The Secret by Rhonda Byrne when I was in my late teens I have always taken a spiritual approach to life. Because I applied these beliefs to my every day life, I believe that's how I achieved my personal success in everything I have to date. Now some of you may not be in to this kind of thing but I'll just say that if something isn't working for you then you need to change what you're doing to get a different result. Never set restrictions for yourself, always be open minded. Because the only limitations in life are the ones that you set and create for yourself! 

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