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I remember I was one of those eager beaver new mums that wanted to start my little one on solids as soon as she turned 4 months old. Too keen or too much time on my hands? Either way it's a daunting time and I wish I knew more about the products that were actually stocked on the shelves at the supermarkets.

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Go Beyond Organic - The world's only infant formula made with milk from 100% certified grass fed cows.

As a first time mother there is so much pressure on everything when it comes to how you choose to raise your baby. The biggest of all, breastfeeding. Of course it's natural to aspire to do what's best, and we all know that breast is always best. Some mothers find the journey much easier than others, some have no intent of breastfeeding at all and for some, it can be a bit of an on-going struggle.

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