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I know it's been a while since I wrote my last blog post, I'll admit I have been finding it quite hard to get into the zone. I've been feeling like an absolute slack-ass as of late, it must be those transitioning and adjusting feels through these different stages that having a child offers but why is it that all I have been feeling lately is guilt, guilt guilt?!

Guilty for not blogging enough, guilty for feeling like I am not giving Willow enough attention, feeling guilty for not being more present with my hubby, feeling guilty for not training enough, feeling guilty for not being more productive and proactive with my career, guilty for not seeing family and friends enough.

Last week I was in tears, I spoke to the hubby about all of these overwhelming feelings and he put things into perspective and asked me this... "what's one thing that isn't going good for you right now, what's one thing you are unhappy about...?" and I actually couldn't say one thing! #realitycheck

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I came across an Instagram post the other night and the focal point was showing appreciation for all of the REAL MUMS out there in the world!

Now, this really did not sit well with me at all because let's be honest here... what is a REAL Mum? Define, a REAL Mum? I don't know about you, but to me; we are ALL REAL Mamas!

The world of social media allows an individual to share and post accordingly, their highs, their lows, along with their challenges and their triumphs with some of us choosing to share more than others.

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Hello there beautiful Mama's + Mama's to be, sorry I have been a little MIA but I have had some pretty important business to attend to such as enjoying life as a new Mama oh and ya know, finding my groove with it all. I thought I would wait till I reached the three month mark to write my next personal blog post and touch on my life and experience so far as a new Mama! Please don't take offense to anything that I have to say as that is not my intention, I am merely speaking from my own experience.

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So last past week I have been having babymares! Those sleepless nights where all of the typical hormonal emotions come over you... that damn stupid F word "fear" And then the questioning starts to hit... "Am I going to be a good mother?"

I think it hasn't really hit me till now that wow... I am actually going to be a Mama! I am going to be responsible for another wee humans little life for the rest of my life. I started going through a series of questions in my head like, what kind of mother am I going to be?... More importantly what kind of mother do I want to be?

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