I came across an Instagram post the other night and the focal point was showing appreciation for all of the REAL MUMS out there in the world!

Now, this really did not sit well with me at all because let's be honest here... what is a REAL Mum? Define, a REAL Mum? I don't know about you, but to me; we are ALL REAL Mamas!

The world of social media allows an individual to share and post accordingly, their highs, their lows, along with their challenges and their triumphs with some of us choosing to share more than others.

So I will start with this, what if some Mamas don't actually have to endure sleepless nights or days? How does that make her any less of a REAL Mum?

What if she has time to herself, to still be able to continue on with a number of normalities prior to baby's arrival? What if she has time, let alone enjoys getting her nails done or her hair done? Or taking time out to go to a day spa for some R and R. How does that make her less than any other REAL Mum out there?

It seems that, to be considered a REAL Mum; you have to be struggling of some sort or not coping well and being part of the complain brigade. You have to be sleep deprived, blood shot eyed, pulling your messy untamed hair out, in desperate measures of a mani/pedi and being bare faced... day after day.

Are they defining that those who had a C-section are less of a REAL Mum to those to had a natural birth? A Mum that has bounced back to her pre-baby body to the Mums who are still working on getting their pre-baby bodies back. And to say the least, it irritably shits me, because the two above examples to me are both considered as REAL Mums.

Everyone handles motherhood differently as is everyone's journey is different, just like we all handle life differently. Again put 5 people in the same situation, each and every single one of them would find the experience to be different and each of their coping mechanisms would also differ.

A Mum who chooses to stay at home and care for their child 24/7 to a Mum who wants to continue her career along with caring for their child, now is one less of a REAL Mother than the other? I think not! A Mum who solely breastfeeds to a Mum who has no choice or maybe chooses to formula/bottle feed, the mothers who give their child a pacifier to the those who tough it out and don't... which one is the REAL Mum? They both are.

Baby vomit and stinky nappies or coffee dates and fresh faced - we are all REAL Mums and you know why, because whatever the situation of motherhood entails for each and every single one of you out there; it is REAL to you and to your life. And frankly, that's all that matters. Never ever, let anyone make you feel less of a REAL Mum because whether you like it or not you absolutely are and you are totally killing it at being one too.

So kudos to me and kudos to you and kudos to all of the mothers out there in the world because we are ALL REAL!


KB x