Willow Heinz 2.jpeg

I remember I was one of those eager beaver new mums that wanted to start my little one on solids as soon as she turned 4 months old. Too keen or too much time on my hands? Either way it's a daunting time and I wish I knew more about the products that were actually stocked on the shelves at the supermarkets.

If you're a new mum or a busy mum on-the-go like me, time and convenience are now your new besties. I'll be honest, as much as I like to convince myself that I have my life together, 50% of the time I don't at all. I don't always have time to make Willow's food from scratch, so when it comes to making time-efficient food decisions, I no longer need to question if Willow is getting good quality food because the new Heinz Infant range offers just that – steam cooked with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Heinz approached over 500 mummas within Australia and asked them what they wanted in a baby range, it came down to one simple thing - they wanted to see the ingredients. They have created a new transparent pouch so we can see all the ingredients straight away. 

The entire Heinz Infant pouch range is made and taste tested at their own infant food plant in Echuca, Victoria.

With the range filled with so many options, consisting of both deliciously fruity and savoury flavours there will be plenty of options for your little one.

If you haven't tried Heinz before, do yourself a favour and give them a try - Willow loves it so it's a favourite in our household. 

KB x