Go Beyond Organic - The world's only infant formula made with milk from 100% certified grass fed cows.

As a first time mother there is so much pressure on everything when it comes to how you choose to raise your baby. The biggest of all, breastfeeding. Of course it's natural to aspire to do what's best, and we all know that breast is always best. Some mothers find the journey much easier than others, some have no intent of breastfeeding at all and for some, it can be a bit of an on-going struggle.

My journey wasn't the greatest but I am proud for what I achieved first time round. Unfortunately my supply wasn't bursting at the nips, I breast and bottle fed as well as mix fed. Willow was a very hungry bub, I knew that my supply wasn't fulfilling her so my husband and I decided to incorporate formula into our feeding routine.

It's very overwhelming when it come's to choosing the right formula for bub. At the time there was only one organic formula available on the market so the decision was made quite easily. I ended my breastfeeding journey when Willow was three months old, she remained on the same formula up until about two and a half months ago.

Even though toddlers are served a much wider variety of foods, most little mino's still love their milk, Willow sure does anyway. She didn't have a dummy, so her bottle has always served as her comforter. Again, everyone has their own way and own opinion of weaning their bub off formula and onto to cows milk. With such advanced formula's available today, it is encouraged to continue formula to the age of 3 if you are able to as it provides them with more iron and extra nutrients that cow's milk does not offer.

Our experience with cow's milk hasn't been great so why change what works for Willow, she like's her formula. For whatever reason a few months ago she became quite constipated, she was in a lot of pain so I knew we had to make a change. She ate a very healthy, nutritious diet, and she eats everything now. The only thing not agreeing with her was the milk. This is when I became aware of Munchkins Grass Fed formula, it's the only formula made with 100% grass fed milk as well as being GMO Free, rBGH Free, Grain Free and antibiotic free. We started her on stage 3 which is recomended for 12 month to 36 months.

Most formulas are up to 65% milk or milk-by products. Milk from Grass fed cows has high levels of Vitamin A and E, and contains the proper balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids.

As a proud kiwi girl at heart, I love knowing this formula is produced from the motherland. New Zealand is one of the few places in the world with the ideal climate to raise 100% grass fed cows that graze year-round in beautiful pastures. Temperate weather, year-round grass, rainfall and rolling fields means NZ can give cows a healthy environment. Not only do their cows produce more nutritious milk, but they also live long, happy lives.

Our experience with Grass Fed has been nothing but a positive one, Willow loves it and most importantly it's agreeing with her digestive system to a tee, we're so thankful to have found something like this available on the market. It's assuring to know that she is getting the absolute best she can get in terms of a fully natural and nutritious formula. If you are experiencing any issues with formula's or milk products, I genuinely recommend having a look into GRASS FED. You have not exhausted all options. Our family is so happy with Grass Fed, and I feel at peace knowing that if I ever need to formula feed again at some stage with my second bub, we'll be choosing Grass Fed by Munchkin.

Munchkin also offer some very baby-forward products! My #1 favourite is their 'Miracle Cup', it teaches your bub the correct technique to drink from a proper cup without the drips and spills to go with it.

WILLOW ENJOYING LUNCH WITH HER MIRACLE CUP   Munchkin, Miracle 360 Degree Cup, 10 oz (296 ml)


Munchkin, Miracle 360 Degree Cup, 10 oz (296 ml)