Our beautiful baby girl Willow Kamila Boyd arrived on Tuesday 22nd September at 6:29pm weighing nothing but 6lbs 7oz of pure perfection and a lovely 51cm.

I'm so excited to be able to finally share and talk about our gorgeous little shnookums. We had to keep details under wraps for the past month due to a magazine deal we had with New Idea, due to exclusivity we were unable to share any info till the sales of the feature was finalised. You can imagine how bloody hard this was for me, having a blog I have a natural love for writing and expressing myself therefore holding back on such an enormously happy time was just a teeny, tiny bit difficult; yeah yeah it was bloody torture.

I also took a bit of break from my blog as I settled into life as a first time mama and also dealt with some online trolling issues. I felt that taking a break was the best thing to do in regards to that situation.

But now I am back, so I'll apologise in sweet advance to be prepared for some major baby spam and blog posts. I'll do my best to keep them as consistent as possible whilst I find my groove in juggling motherhood as well.

Below is our feature in New Idea, our baby girls first photos and lovely story about our little family; interviewed and written by Jenny Brown.

To read a little snippet on the article you can do so at

  • Makeup - @sheridanmeyers
  • Hair - @erinbigg
  • Photo of Willow - @luisadunnphotography