Now that the kids are back to school, your little one might be at day-care, or simply when bubba is asleep, grab a cuppa, relax, and enjoy some much deserved "me-time".

Since I became a mother, having "me-time" has always been a priority but I also looked at it as an opportunity for Willow to bond with her daddy. I enjoy having some much deserved "me-time", it allows me to switch off, re-coup, re-fresh and then I'm back on track ready to charge the day and take whatever comes my way.

An Instant Scratch-Its Crossword is a permissible treat just for you, adding a little moment of joy to your much deserved "me-time". We all know making time for ourselves is extremely important, whether it's a shower in peace and quiet, reading a book or just ten minutes alone with a cup of tea. Most of us forget to make time for ourselves, and when we do we feel guilty about it. As mothers and as wives/partners we always tend to put everyone else's needs before our own.

I'm absolutely thrilled to tell you about Instant Scratch-Its Crosswords. Mama's and papa's can sit down and relax it out with a crossword and what I love most about this, is you don't need to leave the house for some "me-time" you're able to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

A few weeks ago daddy had returned from a few days away in New Zealand so he was on bathing duties, so I sat outside one early evening and enjoyed the last bit of sun and enjoyed scratching out one of the crosswords. That night we went to bed a bit earlier than usual, so we decided to sit in bed and do ours together. It was nice, it was a fun little activity that we were able to do because of Instant Scratch-Its Crosswords. The crosswords range includes $5 and $10 games.

Have a click on the links below and try your first Instant Scratch-Its Crossword today - you deserve it!