Life’s a beach, enjoy the waves.

I love Summer! This is my 8th Australian Summer and our 3rd year living back in Queensland, and how lucky are we to live in such a warm climate basically all year round.

I'm a born and raised Wellington girl, and they don't call it 'windy Wellington' for no reason. Gone are the days when we used to hit Courtney Place on a Friday and Saturday night, in our mini dresses at a scorching 4 degree's! Yep, we were nuts!

Never in a million years did I ever think I would marry an Australian, I guess I won't be leaving this country anytime soon, well to be honest probably never at all. I really do appreciate, and feel very grateful to live in such a beautiful country besides my own.

Come to think of it, I would struggle being forced to stay indoors with Willow for half of the year due to a cold climate.

Yesterday we had our first official beach day for the new year, back at our favourite beach. We've always enjoyed cementing our beach days to Main Beach, as it's much more quieter than the 'must-be-seen' spots along the coastline. When we lived on the Gold Coast, we used to brekky it at Tedder Ave most mornings, then hit the sand.

It was so nice to park up underneath our umbrella, and let Willow do her thang. There is nothing better in this world then when you think you have entire ocean to yourselves.

Willow babe is rocking her YOLI & OTIS swimmers, and our umbrella is SUNDAY SUPPLY CO