Okay so everyone has their own style obsession that generally lasts 6 or so months till society or style critics decide it's so last season or no longer in-trend. For me I tend to not follow trends and I know for a fact that my long obsession of marble, well... it's not going to leave my visions anytime soon. I have always been a monochrome girl at heart, if you follow me on social media I am one of those annoying people that always posts my OOTD (outfit of the day) of #allblackeverything, #blackonblack #allwhiteeverything, #whiteonwhite and #monochrome. Maybe it's the combination of the simplistic crisp white and fresh sheer grey texture that fits into my monochrome love just perfectly. Now I think my love for marble is reaching greater heights, there is something about it that I simply can't get enough of lately. Well I absolutely do have enough of it but hey, who determines how much is too much?

From the Italian tiles in our home, marble bench tops in the kitchen, my marble phone case and marble macbook cover, marble pot plant fabric pouch, our marble bed spread, marble decorative ornaments throughout our home including some marble coasters. I even had marble invitations for my baby shower along with incorporating marble into my cake, and treats for the sweets table. I got a custom made marble play-mat for our bub-to-be and today in the mail I received some beautiful rose gold and marble stoned jewellery pieces from a designer who wants to collaborate with me. Now again... how much is too much? haha!

So where do I get all of these amazing marble pieces from?

Here are a few of my favourite homeware stores online