Hawaii is one of my all-time favourite travel destinations! You really do get the best of both worlds, if you crave the ocean and tropical luxe life as well as a bit of hustle and bustle, and exceptional food without having to stress about whether the ice in your drink is going to give your gut health a kick in the wrong direction.

This was my fourth time travelling to Hawaii! The first time, I was 19 years old, looking back I suppose I didn't appreciate travel, food and exploring as much as I do now. Also now being a mum, the times that I do travel away without little Willow I really do try to make the very most of it.

This was the first proper holiday hubby and I had been on since having Willow, by that I mean for more than a day or two. Our marriage survived half of a decade on the 3rd November, that's worth a bit of a celebration to me, so we wanted to make this anniversary a little bit spesh. We flew business class direct with Hawaiian Airlines. Now I'll let you in on a little trick tip, at the time we booked our flights it was so exy to fly business so we booked premium economy and upon check-in we upgraded our flights which resulted in being a hell of a lot cheaper than booking or upgrading prior.

Our flight departed at 10pm, we ate a yummy meal, watched a movie and then slept for the remainder of the overnight flight. We landed in the morning around 11am hawaiian time, so we had the whole day to get settled in and bask straight into the sun, sand and sea. Only to our dismay it was torrential rain that whole afternoon. Darius was shattered as we had booked tickets to attend the NFL game at Aloha Stadium that night. Anyway enough about sport, this is meant to be tropical talk right.

We usually stay at The Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort in Waikiki but this time we were lucky enough to stay at The Halekulani Hotel, I was so honoured to be their first influencer guest to stay as a collaboration partnership. All I will say is we will never stay at another resort in Waikiki again, now I really know why people stay at The Halekulani. The rooms are lovely and the space is utilised extremely well for the size. They embrace 3 delectable restaurants, La Mer, Orchids and House Without A Key, with a variety of areas for sunset cocktails as well as cocktail lounges.


Halekulani Hotel


Halekulani are famous for their Mai Tai's and Coconut Cake and now that I have tried both - I can bat for them and confirm this is 110% true! Both are a MUST-TRY when you are in Hawaii whether you are a guest staying at The Halekulani or not.

What I love most about this hotel is the pool area. Boasting a beach front location and one of the largest pools in Waikiki, you won't struggle to find a pool chair as you would at other hotels. The poolside menu is next to none delicious, my favourite salad is their Breaded Puna Goat Cheese Salad and also favoured their Coconut Shrimp. As well as their Halekulani Coconut Cake, I am also a lover of their Key Lime Pie - it's super tart which I love, my palette is conformed to sour over sweet any day.

Once you've finished laying by the pool ALL DAY, you're just a stones throw away from the main strip in Waikiki where you will find endless options for dining - and most importantly shopping! From top of the range designer brands and department stores to negotiating a bargain at the markets you'll be sure to get your fix. You are also only a 5 minute drive to the newly renovated Ala Moana Shopping Centre.

The only thing I was disappointed to learn on this trip was that NOBU (once positioned directly across the road from The Halekulani) has now moved location and is fixed near the Ala Moana Shopping Centre. Lucky it's only 5 minute taxi ride away!

I have done Hawaii both with and without Willow and I've enjoyed them both as much as the other. It's a fantastic destination to travel to with kids, there were lot's of families with babies from as young as 3 months old and up. It's times like those, you know, when you see people with kids on holiday that you feel guilty for being able to sip on that Mai Tai, in the heat - uninterrupted.

The times when Darius and I agree to disagree is because he loves to stay put and stick with what he likes, I on the other-hand, love to explore and experience new sights. So I got the nod acceptance from him to roadie it to the North Shore. This is the more relaxed and chilled part of Ohau. We hired a convertible Mustang and went coastal to the Turtle Bay Resort, we stayed for 1 night (this is where they filmed the movie 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'). This resort is seriously HUGE! It is a lot more dated, and has more of a country feel to the rooms. We hired a cabana that overlooked the shore and enjoyed happy hour cocktails as the sun went down. We dined Pa'akai which is their fine dining restaurant and the food was mouth-watering.


In our household, holidays still mean no days off. I actually had to keep reminding Darius, dude it's not only your off-season but you're also injured. Nothing ever stops him, he's seriously a machine in beast-mode twenty four sev! So anyway, we thought it would be a great idea to do the Koko Crater Hiking Trail. Well, I thought wrong! I am not going to lie, I have actually never done anything (fitness-wise) so hard in my life. Look, I'm not a marathon gal, I hate cardio and I'd rather lift weights than run. But for whatever reason, I thought hiking 1048 stairs would be easy. Nope, it was absolutely torturous. You are legit steep hiking up an abandoned railroad track on the Koko Crater, but once you reach the top being rewarded with dramatic ocean and city views really does make it all worth it.


On the flip-side another one of our favourite things to do is EAT! This is when the Cheesecake Factory is only going to be your bad friend. If you're counting calories or if you're on a paleo or keto diet - don't go there. You'll only deprive yourself as the menu options are endless and SOOOOO GOOD and SOOOOO BAD for you!

We left Hawaii with our hearts and our bellies a lot more full but we adore Hawaii and I cant wait to go back again next year with Willow and whoever else would like to join us.




  • Halekulani Hotel - House Without A Key and Orchids
  • The Royal Hawaiian
  • Beachhouse Moana Surfrider
  • Oliver and Oliver
  • Island Vintage Coffee
  • Kona Coffee


  • Nobu
  • Top of Waikiki Revolving Restaurant
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
  • Roy's Waikiki
  • Dukes
  • PF Changs