Rach Thaiday

Partner: Sam Thaiday, 30 Brisbane Broncos

Profession: Mum of two beautiful high-energy girls Gracie Willow 3, and Ellsie Valentina, 1.

When and how did you meet? We met in Year 8 at Kirwan State High School in Townsville. We have been best mates since we met, although we didn't get together until 6 years ago when we went on our first date to Gambaros.

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Darius Boyd

I took a break from my regular lunches with the girls to catch-up with hubby, Brisbane Broncos fullback Darius Boyd, over drinks and nibblies.

Name - Darius Boyd, 28

What's it like being back in Brisbane playing for the Broncos? Everything - outside life, being at home, the club, the staff, the players and everyone involved - everyone's positive and helpful, it's a really good environment to be part of.

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Teigan Power

Partner: Alex McKinnon, 24 (former professional rugby league footballer, whose career was cut short by a spinal injury in 2014).

Profession: Primary school teacher.

How did you meet? We met in 2010 at Denman's Bottom Pub. It was my friends birthday, she was daring Alex's friend and Alex tagged along. He drove me home that night and we had our first kiss, but nothing else. We were friends for a year before we started dating.

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