Skye Gillett

Skye and I catching up at   One Wybelenna   Brisbane's best holistic day spa.

Skye and I catching up at One Wybelenna Brisbane's best holistic day spa.

Name: Skye Gillett, 26 wife of Brisbane Bronco Matt Gillett, 27

Profession: Secondary high school teacher in sport and health. Mum of Harper, 2 and baby number two due October.

When and how did you meet? We both went to Bribie High and became friends. We went on a double date when I was year 10 and Matt was year 12.

Who inspires you? Matt, he's hardworking, dedicated and I also adore his lovingness as a father.

You're expecting baby number two, how is this pregnancy going so far? It's a lot harder the second time round, especially looking after Harper and working but I am still enjoying it.

You're due around the grand final, are you putting any plans in place? We are not stressing about it, we will look at the situation closer to the time but we know it'll all work out.

Life's biggest challenge? Transitioning into motherhood, even though Harper was a good baby and continues to be a good toddler.

How do you juggle everything? I work better in a busy lifestyle and it's normal now. I'm very organised and we have a lot of help from our families and friends. Plus, Matt always makes up for time away.

Greatest achievement? I'm very proud of my career but having Harper would be my absolute greatest.

Passions/interests? I love watching and playing sport - I play tennis and touch footy when I can. I am passionate about health and fitness and educating people about it, I would love to further my career of some aspect in that direction.

The best thing about Matt playing NRL? Seeing the joy and love he gets out of every game. Especially representative games, they mean a lot to him, he holds so much pride and joy when he wears those jerseys.

Worst? Having him away from us. This year has been the hardest so far with Harper at an age where she's asking if daddy's coming home.

His best attribute? He's a very humble person and has a big heart - he always puts us before him.

What's he like as a dad? He's great! He has so much energy for Harper. He's so loving and affectionate, you see a different side when you have a little girl.

His worst habit? Chewing and picking his nails. He always walks on his heels and stomps through the house and he always likes to scare me.

Everyday essentials? Paw paw cream and a bottle of water.

Fave beauty product? Tinted moisturiser.

How do you relax and unwind? I like to get out of Brisbane for the weekend and go to the beach as a family.

Describe your style: Simple, casual, sporty.

Staple wardrobe must have? A good pair of runners.

Fave sports brand? Nike.

How do you keep fit? I go to the gym and train at least six times per week, it died off gradually during this pregnancy and I can't wait to get back into it.

Health tip? Drink lots of water.

How do you treat yourself? Lunch out with girlfriends.

A talent Matt has outside of footy? Matt is good at every single sport there is and it's kind of annoying because he wins them all. He's really good at surfing and golf.

Celeb man crush? Orlando Bloom.

What advice would you give to your younger self? Stop worrying about the future and enjoy the present.

Greatest indulgence? Chocolate.

Fave holiday destination? I loved our honeymoon in Vanuatu and Fiji was also beautiful especially because it was our first overseas holiday as a family.

Game day ritual? Matt has to have pasta the night before the game. On game day he has brekky with the boys and then he'll have a sleep. He used to wear the same pair of undies - I'm not sure whether he still does and I always send him a photo of Harper saying "go daddy" before every game.

Fave time within footy season? Origin, it's busy and you don't see the hubby as much but that time of the footy season is exciting at the same time.

What should every woman try at least once? Travel.

Quote you live by? It'll be right!

Your biggest fear? I am terrified of spiders. Matt always tries to scare me with fake ones. One time he went way too far with it and got Harper involved.

Fave instagrammer? I follow more for friends but I do like the odd health and nutritional pages for tips.

Where do you see yourself in five years time? Hopefully somewhere with our family on a beach close to our family and friends. Two kids in tow (maybe more) but overall, enjoying life.

WE WENT TO: One Wybelenna, Brookfield

WE ATE: Cheese and fruit platter

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