Sally Inglis

Sal and I check out The APO restaurant in Fortitude Valley.

Sal and I check out The APO restaurant in Fortitude Valley.

Partner: Greg Inglis, 29, South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Profession: Stay-at-home mum of Nate, 2.

You are glowing, congratultions on your pregnancy! We're excited to be expecting our second baby (a girl), due in October. I can't wait to see Nate as a big brother.

When and how did you meet? In 2006, in Melbourne when I worked in hospitality.

Who inspires you? Other mums within the football community.

Best thing about being a mum? The bond between Nate and I - the funny moments, the hugs and kisses. That special mamma-baby boy bond.

Biggest challenge? Falling pregnant with Nate was definitely my biggest challenge.

How do you juggle everything? Lot's of help from family and a patient baby.

Greatest achievement? Having Nate.

Everyday essentials? My go-to lip gloss, mascara and good sunnies.

Fave beauty product? Dior mascara.

Describe your style? Casual, classic, monochrome.

Fave sports brand? The Upside.

Fave labels? Ginger and Smart, Aje.

Hobbies/interests? I love travelling and Greg and I are doing a business course together at the moment.

How do you treat yourself? Nails, facial and a blow-dry.

Celeb man crush? Jason Statham.

Staple wardrobe must-have? Good pair of jeans.

Greatest indulgence? A good day spa.

What advice would you give to your younger self? Don't sweat the small stuff or worry about what people think.

Fave destination? Hamilton Island.

What should every woman try at least once in her life? Travel by yourself.

Bucket list? To travel America. I've never been before because the weather is always so horrible when it's the footy off-season.

Quote that you live by? Make sure you laugh at least once a day.

Fave instagrammer? I like a lot of mums who blog and getting tips on great products.

Best thing about Greg playing NRL? Even though it's busy, I love the lifestyle, the travelling and the friends you make.

Worst? When they're away for ages, especially on tour for representative footy.

What's his best attribute? He's really calm in stressful situations.

His worst habit? His snoring - he never rooms with anyone because it's that bad.

A talent Greg has outside of footy? He's a great cook.

Any pre-game or game-day rituals? We always go for brekkie and a beach walk.

Fave time within the footy season? Origin as I love travelling and getting to catch-up with friends and see how their babies grow.

If you had to choose another team for Greg to play for, what team and why? Broncos because our family and friends live there.

What's something we don't know about you/Greg? I'm so badly left-handed, I can't do anything right handed for the life of me. Greg love cartoons, he could watch Disney movies all day.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Depending on footy, starting the next chapter of our lives, starting a business and moving to Queensland.

WE WENT TO: The APO Fortitude Valley

WE ATE: Bugs, croquettes, slow-cooked lamb and broccolini.

WE DRANK: Rose and mocktail

SALLY WORE: Witchery Ovarian cancer shirt, Seed skirt, Wittner shoes, Chloe bag.

KAYLA WORE: Zimmermann dress from Your Designer Wardrobe Windsor Smith shoes, Chloe bag.