Kelly Turner

Kelly and I share some secrets over lunch at OTTO.

Kelly and I share some secrets over lunch at OTTO.

Partner: Dane Gagai, 25, Newcastle Knights.

Profession: Mum to Dante, 8 weeks and studying a business degree.

How did you meet? We met in 2013, through a girlfriend who works at the Knights.

Who inspires you? Dane, he's so humble yet driven. He is also one of the most caring, genuine people I have ever met.

How are you finding motherhood? Loving every minute. The sleep deprivation takes a little to get used to, but definitely worth it when you get to wake up to his gorgeous face.

Has becoming a parent changed you? Yes, I never knew you could love a little human so much and I've learnt that it's OK to have a messy house sometimes.

Life's biggest challenge? Moving and being away from my family.

How do you juggle everything? I have a great support network here and Dane's family is always there to help out which "is amazing" and Dante's godmother Teigan.

Outside of being a mum what are your aspirations? I'm studying a business degree in human resources. I'd love to graduate in the next year or two and work for a company I am passionate about.

What is your greatest achievement? Definitely having Dante.

Describe your style: Simple and chic.

Everyday essentials? Sunglasses, phone and lip balm.

Staple wardrobe must-have? Blazer and leather boots.

Fave sports luxe brand? Adidas and The Upside.

Fave designers? Bec and Bridge, One Teaspoon, Abrand jeans.

Fave instagrammer? Natasha Oakley.

Greatest indulgence? Chocolate.

Fave holiday destination? Bali.

Celeb man crush? Michael B Jordan from the movie Creed.

What's on your bucket list? To travel and live in France.

Quote that you live by? Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Your biggest fear? Heights, absolutely petrified!

What advice would you give to your younger self? Travel more and don't sweat the small stuff.

What should every woman try at least once? Professional massage in your own home, so relaxing.

If you had to pick another profession for Dane what would it be and why? Professional surfer, so we could travel all the amazing beaches around the world.

Best thing about Dane playing NRL? All the people you meet and friends you make along the way.

Worst? Him being away so much.

His best attribute? how caring he is and he's always happy.

His worst habit? Leaving wet towels lying around after he has a shower.

A talent Dane has outside of football? Surfing.

What's one thing people wouldn't know about Dane/you? Dane loves kids animated movies and I am a qualified beauty therapist.

Do you have a game day ritual? We go out for breakfast usually down at the beach.

What do you do during the off-season? We try to do a trip somewhere whether it's overseas or in Australia.

Fave time within the footy season? I'm only new to Origin, but it's my favourite so far. I've met some amazing girls and the atmosphere at the game is amazing.

if you had to pick another team for Dane to play for which team and why? Broncos, Dane has a lot of family in Queensland and I love the warmer weather.

Where do you see yourself in five years time? Finished my degree and working full-time with Dane hopefully still playing football.

WE WENT TO: OTTO Restaurante.

WE ATE: Risotto and beef wagyu.


KELLY WORE: Sheike top and pants, Alias Mae shoes.

KAYLA WORE: Zimmermann dress, Zara shoes.