Darius Boyd

Downtime: Hubby and I relax and reflect on life's ambitions and passions.

Downtime: Hubby and I relax and reflect on life's ambitions and passions.

I took a break from my regular lunches with the girls to catch-up with hubby, Brisbane Broncos fullback Darius Boyd, over drinks and nibblies.

Name - Darius Boyd, 28

What's it like being back in Brisbane playing for the Broncos? Everything - outside life, being at home, the club, the staff, the players and everyone involved - everyone's positive and helpful, it's a really good environment to be part of.

What motivated you to come back from your achilles injury? I saw it as a really good challenge -  especially being really fragile coming out of the clinic. I wanted to see if I could play footy again at the level I knew I was capable of. 

Who inspires you? The professional athletes who are at the top of their game and are really successful such as Lebron James and Russell Wilson.

Greatest achievement? Starting a family.

Best thing about being a dad to 8 month old Willow? Coming home after a crap day and she's smiling, giggling and always happy to see you.

Hobbies and interests? PlayStation, going to the beach and relaxing. I am really interested in mental health - I've been doing a lot of stuff in the community.

What are you doing within mental health? I'm am an ambassador for NRL State of Mind and for Ramsay Health. I do a bit of work with the welfare officer at the club (Broncos) where we go through junior clinics and affiliate clubs to raise awareness. It's been keeping me busy, but I enjoy it. 

Advice to others suffering from mental health issues? Talk about your feelings and get some strong support people around you. 

What do you do to stay on top of your mental well-being? I see a therapist at least once a month if not more. Being grateful and finding enjoyment in life. 

Biggest life challenge? Getting through my darkest times. 

Advice for a happy wife happy life? Say yes and don't forget special occasions. 

What do you hope for Willow's future? A happy fun childhood; to grow up doing what she wants and to follow her dreams. 

Bucket list? To travel a bit more. 

Ultimate workout? F45 because I am lazy, I like getting told what to do. I also really like getting on the treadmill.

Healthy tip? Loads and loads of water.

Fave athlete? I follow the best athletes in each sport that I enjoy to watch. I like to see how they play and carry themselves. 

Best thing about playing NRL? Getting to compete and test yourself every week.

The worst? The pressure and the scrutiny.

Career highlight? Winning premierships with the Broncos and Dragons, playing for Queensland and Australia, and coming back from my injury and playing for Australia again.

If you had to choose another team to play for other than the Broncos what team and why? Dragons because I've been there, I had some successful years.

Why have you only been coached by Wayne Bennett? I was lucky enough to start my career in Brisbane. When Wayne decided to go to the Dragons I found out that the club didn't want to keep me on so it happened by chance that I went to the Dragons with Wayne. After that I realised how good Wayne was as a coach and a mentor; he was so good to me and I wanted to stick with him for his coaching on and off the field.

Advice to aspiring footy players - Work harder than anyone else; never give up. 

Fave destination? Hawaii.

Biggest fear? Spiders.

Worst habit? Not scrubbing the toilet bowl.

Greatest indulgence? Mud cake and extra cream.

Quote you live by? I try to be "strong, confident, fearless" 

Where do you see yourself in five years time? Hopefully still playing for the Broncos in my final year in rugby league with two kids living in our dream home. 

What do you do during off-season? We usually travel overseas and just relax.

Any superstitions? No superstitions but I always do certain things in my warm up and preparation that is the same.

Life after footy? I would like to stay in rugby league in some way whether it's coaching or working with juniors and I'd like to do something within mental health.

WE WENT TO: Byblos Portside

WE ATE: Trio of dips, calamari, chicken wings and spinach filo pastries. 

WE DRANK:  Corona and rose

DARIUS WORE:  Lagerfeld shirt, Industrie pants, Lacoste shoes

KAYLA WORE: Billy J Boutique dress, Mollini thigh boots || MUA Janise Chan @jdolls