Chantelle O'Neill

Chantelle and I dining at GOMA Restaurant.

Chantelle and I dining at GOMA Restaurant.

What's your career? I'm a counsellor.

How did you meet Justin? We met in May 2011 at a friends birthday party.

Who inspires you? Happy confident people.

You're expecting your first baby, hows it going so far? It's really good, I'm 26 weeks now. The first trimester was a write off being sick and tired. I have a lot more energy now.

You are due around grand final, are you nervous? Babies are super unpredictable. So we will take it one game/week at a time. It would be special to have a tiny baby watch Juz play his third grand final.

How do you juggle the demands of both careers? Juz supports me in whatever I want to pursue and I am his greatest fan.

Greatest achievement? Finishing my degree in psychology. I'm also really looking forward to being a mum.

Passions/interests? I love researching (anything), shopping cooking, exercise, travelling and dining.

Everyday essentials? Mascara, Carmex lip balm and body butter.

Fave beauty product? Ultraderm daily moisturiser 30+.

Fave designers? Scanlan Theodore, Ginger and Smart, Dion Lee.

Describe your style: Feminine, simplistic, classic.

Your biggest fear? Cancer.

Greatest indulgence? Sweets, condensed milk, creme brulee, white chocolate.

Fave holiday destination? In the past five years, we visited Thailand, Bali, America, Bahamas, Fiji, Maldives and England. We have both visited Paris separately, but would love to go together. 

Advice to your younger self? Roll with the hard times, it's all part of your journey to learn.

What's it like being married to a professional athlete? It's normal. I married a person not his occupation. It is a very stressful job and I understand that. I was a professional ballerina so I understand the mental pressure, injuries, recovery, nutrition, highs/lows, milestones and achievements.

The best thing about Justin playing NRL? Travelling and meeting great people.

Worst? Sometimes when he's away. I try and use that time for me. Visit friends and family, do girlie things.

His best attribute? He has really strong morals. He's a serious thinker - great balance for me as I am more spontaneous.

If you had to pick another team for Justin what team and why? I don't have another team. Melbourne is where my family are and Townsville is where Juzzy is from. He's played for both teams.

A talent he has outside of footy? He's a Mr Fix-it, he can build me anything. He's also a computer whiz.

What's one thing we wouldn't know about you/Justin? Everyone thinks Justin is pretty quiet, but around me he gets really chatty. People might not know that I have dyslexia.

What's his worst habit? He doesn't really have any, I have a few - Juz hates when I use his towel (because then it's wet for him). Also when I clean up and he can't find anything.

Does he have any game day rituals? I get up early and leave him to sleep in. We'll have lunch together, maybe watch a movie and nap. Then we head to the game two and a half hours before kick-off.

Fave time within the footy season? Straight after a game when he's not injured and proud after a win - it's a nice reflection of this is why you do it.

What do you do during the off-season? We always go to the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, travel and catch-up with family and friends.

If you had to pick another profession for Justin to play what would it be and why? He's very intelligent. He's really good at designing and building things and has studied a few units of architecture so maybe that.

Quote you live by? Everything happens for a reason.

WE WENT TO: Goma Restaurant

WE ATE: Moreton Bay bug, Murray cod, Wagyu haricot verts, wattleseed custard.

WE DRANK: Mocktail and rose.

CHANTELLE WORE: Zara lace shirt, Scanlan Theodore skirt, Whichery heels, Louis Vuitton clutch.

KAYLA WORE: Zara dress, Mollini boots, Gucci clutch.