Premium Russian skin weft extensions by Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions Fortitude Valley.

Premium Russian skin weft extensions by Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions Fortitude Valley.

Gone are the days of mullet-like hair extensions, there is nothing worse than being able to see the divide between your natural hair and any kind of hair extension. In today's market there are so many different concepts available in the way of how we can attach another humans hair to our own - ha ha it's quite gross when you think of it like that hey.

As they say, beauty is pain and beauty is also doing gross-like things even if it means wearing other humans hair growth ha ha.

After I had Willow, I made the mistake of succumbing to the mum-lob and did the old chop. I was pretty chubb and held a lot of fluid after I had Willow, so of course the short hair only enhanced my proud round face that I had. I rocked the lob for as long as I could, my hair takes forever to grow and I'm super impatient with stuff like that so I decided to get a weave put in giving instant length whilst my own hair grew at the same time.

Six weeks ago, the team at Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions Fortitude Valley introduced me to a full head of Virgin Russian Skin Wefts (tape) extensions. The method is so advanced now as the hair now covers the tape, which allows for a perfect blend, you're able to tie your hair up in a high pony or low bun without seeing any separation or visible tape.

They colour matched the hair extensions perfectly to my own, so no colouring was required on my own hair and I was still able to go a shade lighter. How bloody good is that, being able to get a fresh new look without any colour damage to your own tresses #winning!

I wish I had changed to this method a lot earlier, they are super light-weight so there is no pressure on the scalp, this means no headaches and no damage to your own hair. I quite often forget that I even have hair extensions.

As a busy mum on the go, you would think having hair extensions is the last thing I'd have time for. But it actually saves me time as I am not needing to style my hair every single day, I wash and style my hair every three or so day's and if I really don't have time then dry-shampoo does the trick. They're as easy to wash and dry as it is your own hair, it's not as hard as you think.

Next week I am due for my first maintenance appointment, this is when they remove the extensions and put them back in to the initial length as your first appointment. Maintenance differ for each individual as everyone's hair grows at a different speed. I can usually push mine out quite a bit.

If you want to have that full body, volumised Victoria's Secret hair, go and see the team at Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions, they offer the best range of extensions at each of their Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne salons.