Dr Angelo Lazaris


Smiles are...

beautiful, contagious and hold much more importance than what we realise.

Hey beauties,

We all have that certain something we don't like about ourselves, you know, something we wish we could slightly change about our appearance. Well, that's of course unless you're a natural-born goddess like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Gigi Hadid. I try my best to be confident in my own skin and to own who I am - flaws and all. But c'mon let's be honest, people change things about themselves every single day. If something is making you feel a bit self-conscious, and if it's overpowering your happiness - I'm all for it.

If it's going to make you happier, make you feel more confident and guide you in to being the best version of yourself, go and do it beauty. The only reason why I hesitated in making the decision to fix the imperfections of my teeth, was because I cared too much about what people would think.

Honestly, who cares what anyone thinks - just do you honey!

I've always had very straight teeth, I've never had braces but I did have fairly small teeth. Contributing to that, I'm an excessive grinder which resulted in daily headaches and sometimes migraines. During pregnancy, some women experience movement in their teeth. I didn't, however due to the severity of my pregnancy sickness, I was vomiting and experiencing reflux on a regular basis, therefore my teeth were exposed to strong stomach acids, which caused some minor dental erosion.

Strong stomach acids can soften your tooth enamel and the vigorous action of simply a toothbrush can scratch the surface of the tooth leading to further damage. As I'm an excessive grinder, this created some very noticeable chipping to my front teeth. It made me even more self-conscious, to the point where I found myself covering my mouth when I would speak to people and even worse, I would never smile in photos. If I did smile, I always had my mouth closed.

Not only was it just the visual imperfections, it then came down to the overall condition of my teeth as well. The enamel was almost gone, the bottom of my teeth were worn down so thin that they were becoming see-through, if I didn't make a decision to do something about the condition and strength of my teeth, over the next few years they would naturally deteriorate.

So here I was, 28 years old, restricting myself from living my best life. Darius and I collectively made the decision a few years ago, to do more things that result in 'feel good moments' and happiness. So after having Willow, getting my teeth fixed was something I wanted to do as soon as possible. It was something that was not only going to benefit me personally but career-wise as well. 

We all know that anything cosmetic can be daunting, especially when it's to do with your face, so choosing the right dentist is one of the most important decisions you can make about your health. There are many risks and factors to take into account, as you're about to embark on a permanent change, therefore you're unable to change your mind once it's done.

So I took to google and searched 'best cosmetic dentist in Australia' and that's how I found Dr Angelo Lazaris.

His work speaks for itself, if you view his case studies, and research his clientele he really is the best in the business. People fly from all over the world just to see him, to me that speaks volumes about his reputation.

I wanted my teeth to look as natural as possible, and that's what Dr Lazaris does best, his forte is designing smiles to reflect the natural ability as if they were your own.

Now everyone's situation will be different, for example if you don't have grinding issues, composite veneers would be a suitable first option for you. 



It’s so important to be confident with how your smile reflects, it’s something I wish I had done much sooner! I’m so much happier, and confident when I talk and smile!

The overall process of getting veneers is very easy and Dr Lazaris couldn't have made the experience any more comforting. Firstly, you start off with teeth whitening, the purpose of this is to obtain your desired colour on your natural teeth, depending on how many veneers you get, you want your natural teeth to match the veneers. However, if you are getting a complete mouth of veneers on the top and bottom then this wouldn't apply to you.

He then takes photos of your face, and your smile both front on and both sides of your face to ensure the smile design is suitable for your face shape, alignment and features. Once the design process has been done he then creates temporaries. This is created with a soft-like composite, the reason for this is so that you are able to get used to your new smile, whether you like them or don't like them or if you want anything changed, this can all be done during this time frame. The porcelain veneers are also made during this time which is approx 2-3 weeks. Dr Lazaris recccomended the top 10 of my teeth due to having such a wide smile. 

Now, I have to back track to before Dr Lazaris came on board because people deserve credit where credit is due. I had a really bad experience with another dentist here in Brisbane. I went to this dentist purely for the fact to save money. In all honesty, I didn't feel confident with him right from our initial meeting. This is when I say, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT, and in this instance I didn't and my gut proved me right. I don't want to go into too much detail, but in short, the dentist did not follow through with the exact same design as the temporaries. They were different in size and not to mention severely white, to the point that they looked like they were glowing. I was devastated, and I was even more embarrassed than what I was before. This specific dentist refused to fix them, even after I had evidence showing that the permanents were completely different to the temporaries. I was left with no choice other than to dispute the matter and I was eventually reimbursed.

I had my first live TV, presenting gig with Fox Sports and it was so important for me to feel confident when speaking in front of the camera.  

So to me, Dr Angelo really is a saving grace, he's the best in the business and there is no point in looking elsewhere when it comes to having the perfect smile, a trust worthy dentist who has your best interest at heart. I'm too worried to go to any other dentist now, so I'll continue to travel to Sydney just to know my dental needs are in safe hands.

I have never been more confident within myself. And yes, beauty starts from within, but let’s be honest sometimes we need to be happy with how we are on the outside too. Whether that’s wearing makeup, getting your hair coloured, going to the gym and working out every day. We all take care of ourselves in many different ways.

I’ve had my veneers for almost two years and as I said, I wish I had done this so much sooner. I LOVE MY CHOMPERS, I LOVE MY SMILE!


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Phone: (02) 9299 5504