Creativity, passion and heart is the driving force behind everything I do. Whether it's hosting women empowering events Australia wide, raising awareness for mental health or taking care of my family, I do everything wholeheartedly and with integrity.

Originally born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand, I am a proud kiwi at heart, however it is Brisbane that I now call my home. I'm a proud wife to Darius, Captain of the Brisbane Broncos and a mum to our beautiful daughter Willow and another little girl due October.

I have always grown up believing that true success comes from following your heart and passion. For me, my passion lies first and foremost in my family, raising awareness for mental health, empowering women, interior design, fashion and a wellness based lifestyle. I am so grateful to be involved in all of these areas, working alongside people and brands from a range of industries, inspiring others through social media or speaking at nationwide events.

After launching my blog "Adored By Kayla Boyd" in 2015, I have committed to showing a raw and unedited approach to living a true and honest life as a mother, wife and influencer. From fashion to fitness, style and wellness, I work with brands that have heart and that align themselves with my brand and personality. I believe it's important to create content that is genuine and influential, this is the key to real engagement and attracts loyalty amongst my following.

I love helping, inspiring, motivating and encouraging others to live their best life possible. In 2018 I launched a series of events Australia wide "Find Your Fierce" which had the sole purpose of empowering women to overcome life's challenges. With sold out tickets and hundreds of inspired women, the event will continue to grow and thrive. Through social platforms or live events, I continue to strive to make an imprint on people's hearts, because to me, that's really what matters the most.

KB x